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H.A.P.P.Y. (Harmoniously And Pleasantly Peaceful You) 
With what little time we have left

We should be happy without feeling emotionally bereft 

Life in itself is a test

And happiness is something you should possess 

A type of euphoric feeling you need to invest 

In order for you to release the distress 

Positive thinking is a good tool to manifest 

Instead of feeling oppressed and depressed 

At this stage of my life I am happy 

It may sound bathetic, pathetic and sappy 

I do have my moments of being snappy 

Like a baby rolling around in a shitty nappy 

But after a glass of brandy I am chitty-chatty 

I’m usually at peace with my cider and a chicken pattie 

Getting the munchies like Scooby and Shaggy 

Swanning about like the kids from Cincinnati 

This year is going to be peaceful 

To naysayers that’s considered to be illegal 

Still— I’m locking on to my hopes and dreams like an eagle 

I WILL fly like an eagle 

Thanks for telling them Seal

Happiness and tranquility are the real deal

I’m letting go of all the emotional detritus 

And live a life that’s free of any type of crisis

My aim is to live peaceful and righteous 

Keeping my happiness on a Highness 

Love, live life, proceed and progress 

It’s all part of this happy peaceful life process
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