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The GOD of Rock and Roll

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Oh For Chuck’s Sake (Rest in Paradise King) 
Rest in peace to the GOD of Rock and Roll 

This tribute is to the man who was always on a roll

His music touched the working class and the ones on the dole 

Mr Berry kept the world moving like Soul II Soul 

But all in all he’s undoubtedly the original 

He had everyone shaking their bones including the occipital 

But off stage he was rather friendly and hospitable 

Berry’s music made you dance— that’s explicable 

It got me out of situations like I was extricable 

This man was the absolute pinnacle 

Totally wax lyrical and easily visible 

A rock and roll legend AND a visual 

I think it’s criminal that he doesn’t get the props he deserves

It’s a cause for concern 

That Presley gets praised more than Berry— Ooooh the nerve

It’s that kind of shit that made me swerve 

Chuck Berry is a LEGEND— the hell with Elvis 

They call him King of Rock and Roll because he was swinging his pelvis? 

Mr Berry did Rock and Roll a great service 

It was his records that my family members would go and purchase 

Everybody knows that Berry’s tunes serves a purpose 

From person to person his records got served to you like a servant 

This man did well to see 90 years 

To live up to that age deserves 90 sets of cheers 

I want to change gears 

As we raise our glasses loaded with beer

Amongst our peers 

Celebrating his life story— fuck Piers 

Rest in paradise to THE Rock and Roll legend 

Let’s not waste a second 

On this drinking session 

As we commemorate the legend aforementioned 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


I Wanna Blow Your Mind René 

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Let Me Blow Your Mind #LimaraWorld (Poem 7)
Now that we’ve wined and dined 

I want you to park your behind 

On this chair so that I can park my behind 

On you— so shut up and recline 

Right now because tonight you’re mine

May I say that together we look mighty fine 

As I’m straddling you— giving you one of those sexual grinds 

I really want to blow your mind 

And for you to blow your load 

In my humble abode 

Babe just blow your load til you explode 

Let me help you with your workload 

Let me be the woman to give you a private show 

Trust me — it’ll be hard for you to say “no”.

Simply because I say so

What I will give you is top form and flow

I wanna be the reason for your glow

Your presence to me is important

I’m signed, sealed, delivered… IMPORTED 

What I wanna do to you is so bad 

It’ll have us both deported 

Let me be the opposite of cacophonous and discordant 

Tonight I am bubbling with excitement 

Knowing that I can be your enticement

I can be your Rihanna and shine you off like a diamond 

My new sexual tricks will keep you enlightened 

My aim is to keep you sexually heightened 

Lie back and let me do all the kissing and the biting 

Keep the temperature so hot that we’ll be needing a fireman 

Ooooh I’m so excited

Tonight’s that time 

That I will aim to blow your mind 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved. 

I’m In Awe of You… 

Posted: March 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

I Don’t Know How To Say This But… I’m In Awe of You
Your presence alone 

Has me mind-blown

And totally overthrown 

You’ve got me blowing away like a trombone 

Everything about you permeates me like an overgrown 

A dream woman— not disproportionate and overblown 

With more style and class than Sharon Stone 

I’m ringing away like a mobile phone 

Watching the way you hold your own 

Like a goddess from Sierra Leone 

You are definitely more than just the average Joan 

A woman like you will always have their own zone 

You are no clone 

As you stand alone

Standing alone with style and grace

Putting a smile on my face

I’m in awe of you whenever you grace my space

This space is all for you because you’re the ace of this base 

Peppering the naysayers like mace 

As they’re slating you in disgrace

I love the way you change and displace 

Your presence and your aura projects an array of displays 

Dare I say that you are one hell of an attraction 

Got me in a state of abstraction 

Strutting around with the killer body of an assassin 

With the militancy of an army captain 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved

My Love for My Black Women

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

These Black Women Give Me Life
A black woman gives me life 

They make the perfect wife 

Like all women they can be all trouble and strife 

But they do get to the point like a knife

They stand by me through my toughest fights

Throughout the good and bad times 

Some of them inspire me to write great rhymes

You best believe that I’m watching ’em

Whether it’s Taraji P or Kerry Washington 

Carrying all kinds of sweetness like Sugar Ray Robinson 

From Oxford to Oregon 

They bring me new life like oxygen

As well as bringing life to dead places like Waddington 

I mean it’s absolutely shocking man

At how these ladies have me juiced up like the residents of Rockingham

My woman is an example of sexual pleasure 

She created a world for us full of joy and leisure 

A lot of happy moments that I will treasure 

The kind of pleasure no-one can measure 

There’s so many things I could write in a letter 

My sistas are on point and really clever 

Every black woman out there provides a great sense of adventure 


They do help me to reach my endeavours 

With a black woman— life just keeps getting better 

Glamorous, sexy and tougher than leather 

Trying to get into my smalls like their names were Heather 

A black woman helps me keep my life together 

They give me the love that can last forever 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.