My Love for My Black Women

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

These Black Women Give Me Life
A black woman gives me life 

They make the perfect wife 

Like all women they can be all trouble and strife 

But they do get to the point like a knife

They stand by me through my toughest fights

Throughout the good and bad times 

Some of them inspire me to write great rhymes

You best believe that I’m watching ’em

Whether it’s Taraji P or Kerry Washington 

Carrying all kinds of sweetness like Sugar Ray Robinson 

From Oxford to Oregon 

They bring me new life like oxygen

As well as bringing life to dead places like Waddington 

I mean it’s absolutely shocking man

At how these ladies have me juiced up like the residents of Rockingham

My woman is an example of sexual pleasure 

She created a world for us full of joy and leisure 

A lot of happy moments that I will treasure 

The kind of pleasure no-one can measure 

There’s so many things I could write in a letter 

My sistas are on point and really clever 

Every black woman out there provides a great sense of adventure 


They do help me to reach my endeavours 

With a black woman— life just keeps getting better 

Glamorous, sexy and tougher than leather 

Trying to get into my smalls like their names were Heather 

A black woman helps me keep my life together 

They give me the love that can last forever 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved. 


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