The GOD of Rock and Roll

Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Oh For Chuck’s Sake (Rest in Paradise King) 
Rest in peace to the GOD of Rock and Roll 

This tribute is to the man who was always on a roll

His music touched the working class and the ones on the dole 

Mr Berry kept the world moving like Soul II Soul 

But all in all he’s undoubtedly the original 

He had everyone shaking their bones including the occipital 

But off stage he was rather friendly and hospitable 

Berry’s music made you dance— that’s explicable 

It got me out of situations like I was extricable 

This man was the absolute pinnacle 

Totally wax lyrical and easily visible 

A rock and roll legend AND a visual 

I think it’s criminal that he doesn’t get the props he deserves

It’s a cause for concern 

That Presley gets praised more than Berry— Ooooh the nerve

It’s that kind of shit that made me swerve 

Chuck Berry is a LEGEND— the hell with Elvis 

They call him King of Rock and Roll because he was swinging his pelvis? 

Mr Berry did Rock and Roll a great service 

It was his records that my family members would go and purchase 

Everybody knows that Berry’s tunes serves a purpose 

From person to person his records got served to you like a servant 

This man did well to see 90 years 

To live up to that age deserves 90 sets of cheers 

I want to change gears 

As we raise our glasses loaded with beer

Amongst our peers 

Celebrating his life story— fuck Piers 

Rest in paradise to THE Rock and Roll legend 

Let’s not waste a second 

On this drinking session 

As we commemorate the legend aforementioned 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


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