Miss Jackson ’93

Posted: April 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

I Had A Crush On Janet Jackson of 1993
She was the sexiest woman in the world 

By far she was the hottest girl 

With a rarity like pearls 

As she looks sexy and teases us fellas with those curls 

She had every reason to gloat 

As she rocked every man’s boat 

I wasn’t interested in whether she could sing a note 

Or what songs she wrote 

I was set adrift and swayed afloat 

This woman was worth every banknote 

Janet Jackson of 93 definitely gets my vote 

Her presence keeps me in control like a remote 

Attractiveness is what she promotes 

And that is hard in an industry that’s cut-throat

This picture alone leaves a knot in my throat 

And I feel to scatter myself like a pot of oats 

Even myself at 5 years old I was blown away 

Telling myself that I was “grown today” 

I love the way she sexily raises her arms up 

Covering her charms up 

Fuck me man! 

Her fella at the time was a lucky man

I have to salute Rene 

For me, he scored with her like Pele 

Miss Jackson remained sexy with that deadpan expression 

Again— she gets my vote like a presidential election 

Every time I look at her I get an erection

She’s really giving my d*** a further extension 

Oh Miss Jackson of 1993 

Even to this day gets me hard like a mighty tree 

She gets me high like a piece of tiny green 

And I feel taller than tall— like about 90 feet
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


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