You’ve Got The Keys to My Heart ❤️

Posted: January 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Oh Ophelia
You should know that I’m feeling ya
Every time I be seein’ ya
And all the time I wanna be in ya
From London to Brasilia
Always cooking something up like Delia
You’ve been on my brain like memorabilia
Dare I say that you DO have the keys to my heart
And that you come second to no tart
Ophelia where do I start?
My love for you is like a fine work of art
You’re the bullseye to my dart
Wheeling me away like a shopping cart
I’m sitting here feeling like a spare part
Thinking about you like a real sweetheart ❤️
Knowing that I’ve got nothing but sweet love
As beautiful as the sight of a fleet of doves 🕊️
I never stopped loving you
I’m still in love with you
And I still can’t get enough of you
Still in love with the pretty and the rougher you
I want to feel your touch
The kind of touch that I miss so much
Whilst others talk about this and that and such and such
The presence of you has me hopping around like a game of Double Dutch
I’m laying here alone in my big expensive bed
With thoughts about you in my head
With all the romantic things you once said
Turning my face to a crimson red
I miss your warm and fine
Body pressed against mine
We used to nights when we wined and dined
Ophelia… To this day I still wish you were mine

Oh Ophelia ❤️❤️😍😘😍😘❤❤

Copyright © 2018 René Olivierre all rights reserved.


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