I Wanna Blow Your Mind René 

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Let Me Blow Your Mind #LimaraWorld (Poem 7)
Now that we’ve wined and dined 

I want you to park your behind 

On this chair so that I can park my behind 

On you— so shut up and recline 

Right now because tonight you’re mine

May I say that together we look mighty fine 

As I’m straddling you— giving you one of those sexual grinds 

I really want to blow your mind 

And for you to blow your load 

In my humble abode 

Babe just blow your load til you explode 

Let me help you with your workload 

Let me be the woman to give you a private show 

Trust me — it’ll be hard for you to say “no”.

Simply because I say so

What I will give you is top form and flow

I wanna be the reason for your glow

Your presence to me is important

I’m signed, sealed, delivered… IMPORTED 

What I wanna do to you is so bad 

It’ll have us both deported 

Let me be the opposite of cacophonous and discordant 

Tonight I am bubbling with excitement 

Knowing that I can be your enticement

I can be your Rihanna and shine you off like a diamond 

My new sexual tricks will keep you enlightened 

My aim is to keep you sexually heightened 

Lie back and let me do all the kissing and the biting 

Keep the temperature so hot that we’ll be needing a fireman 

Ooooh I’m so excited

Tonight’s that time 

That I will aim to blow your mind 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved. 

I’m In Awe of You… 

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I Don’t Know How To Say This But… I’m In Awe of You
Your presence alone 

Has me mind-blown

And totally overthrown 

You’ve got me blowing away like a trombone 

Everything about you permeates me like an overgrown 

A dream woman— not disproportionate and overblown 

With more style and class than Sharon Stone 

I’m ringing away like a mobile phone 

Watching the way you hold your own 

Like a goddess from Sierra Leone 

You are definitely more than just the average Joan 

A woman like you will always have their own zone 

You are no clone 

As you stand alone

Standing alone with style and grace

Putting a smile on my face

I’m in awe of you whenever you grace my space

This space is all for you because you’re the ace of this base 

Peppering the naysayers like mace 

As they’re slating you in disgrace

I love the way you change and displace 

Your presence and your aura projects an array of displays 

Dare I say that you are one hell of an attraction 

Got me in a state of abstraction 

Strutting around with the killer body of an assassin 

With the militancy of an army captain 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved

My Love for My Black Women

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These Black Women Give Me Life
A black woman gives me life 

They make the perfect wife 

Like all women they can be all trouble and strife 

But they do get to the point like a knife

They stand by me through my toughest fights

Throughout the good and bad times 

Some of them inspire me to write great rhymes

You best believe that I’m watching ’em

Whether it’s Taraji P or Kerry Washington 

Carrying all kinds of sweetness like Sugar Ray Robinson 

From Oxford to Oregon 

They bring me new life like oxygen

As well as bringing life to dead places like Waddington 

I mean it’s absolutely shocking man

At how these ladies have me juiced up like the residents of Rockingham

My woman is an example of sexual pleasure 

She created a world for us full of joy and leisure 

A lot of happy moments that I will treasure 

The kind of pleasure no-one can measure 

There’s so many things I could write in a letter 

My sistas are on point and really clever 

Every black woman out there provides a great sense of adventure 


They do help me to reach my endeavours 

With a black woman— life just keeps getting better 

Glamorous, sexy and tougher than leather 

Trying to get into my smalls like their names were Heather 

A black woman helps me keep my life together 

They give me the love that can last forever 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved. 


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H.A.P.P.Y. (Harmoniously And Pleasantly Peaceful You) 
With what little time we have left

We should be happy without feeling emotionally bereft 

Life in itself is a test

And happiness is something you should possess 

A type of euphoric feeling you need to invest 

In order for you to release the distress 

Positive thinking is a good tool to manifest 

Instead of feeling oppressed and depressed 

At this stage of my life I am happy 

It may sound bathetic, pathetic and sappy 

I do have my moments of being snappy 

Like a baby rolling around in a shitty nappy 

But after a glass of brandy I am chitty-chatty 

I’m usually at peace with my cider and a chicken pattie 

Getting the munchies like Scooby and Shaggy 

Swanning about like the kids from Cincinnati 

This year is going to be peaceful 

To naysayers that’s considered to be illegal 

Still— I’m locking on to my hopes and dreams like an eagle 

I WILL fly like an eagle 

Thanks for telling them Seal

Happiness and tranquility are the real deal

I’m letting go of all the emotional detritus 

And live a life that’s free of any type of crisis

My aim is to live peaceful and righteous 

Keeping my happiness on a Highness 

Love, live life, proceed and progress 

It’s all part of this happy peaceful life process
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved

In A Trance Over Her… 

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In A Trance Over Nairobi
I am in a trance over you

I’m bouncing around like a kangaroo

Like Sade you give me the sweetest taboo

Exploring this kind of madness that’s new

In a weird way you’re making me feel like a horny teen

You’re the cherry to my Dreem Teem

Always wanting and willing to redeem

Your sexuality and sexiness is always a bright gleam

Always looking like the cat who got the cream

With a black-on-black backdrop of a dominatrix theme

I can’t believe that you’re so hot and compelling

You’re such a turn-on with your urges for rebelling

You are story alone that I would love to keep on retelling

A sexy package like yourself shouldn’t be made for reselling

Of course— you’re a lady not for repelling

As you’re usually coming down on me as if you were rappelling

Miss Nairobi you are by far the most compelling 

Woman— without the need for comparing

My attraction to you is swelling

No one woman should have all this power

Standing tall over me like the Blackpool Tower

Blossoming yourself all over me like a flower

You’ve got me turned on with your influence

Giving orders to me like an issuance

I’m loving the way you’re so conspicuous

Feeling and touching up every part of my constituents
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

The Difference Between Black Men and Niggaz: 
I cannot stand these type of black people 

Acting like a bunch of pricks from a needle

Feeling like they’re above the penal 

Whenever they’re doing things illegal 

They think that wearing diamonds makes them regal

Going about life with the antithesis of peaceful

Their mindsets are polluted and fecal 

Going on like they’re hard when really they’re a bunch of jumped-up weasels

Those arseholes are what you call a laughing stock 

Bragging about how they own a glock 

But can’t be arsed to wear clean pants and socks 

Even us intelligent black people sit, point and mock 

As they’re hanging around the estate blocks 

Grabbing their cocks 

And I’m here raising my eyebrow like The Rock 

Watching these fools in total shock 

These clowns need to stop running their lips 

And get a grip 

Instead of floating around and talking shit 

About walking the streets and wanting to empty a clip 

When deep down— from them they make one slip 

And they’ll fizz away like a packet of Skips 

But these type of black people make me sick 

Swanning around like over-flamboyant versions of Slick Rick 

Looking all kinds of colourful like a range of lipsticks 

With the fucked-up psychology of a dipstick 

Telling themselves that they’re the big fish
Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved. Written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Our Brothers Are Rising Up! 

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The Difference Between Black Men and Niggaz: 

Black men are doing their best for their communities 

Working hard to create jobs and opportunities 

Their aim is to bring positivity and unity 

The positivity within the unity 

Needs to have a long continuity 

Building together a closeness like a contiguity 

Today’s black men are doing this pellucidly 

It’s nice to see my brothers speaking with fluency 

Instead of acting up and speaking foolishly 

With crassness and crudity 

It’s kind of soothingly 

To see brothers move together like a congruity 

I smile whenever I see pieces of creative lunacies

Our good brothers being the best fathers 

Looking all handsome as they play youthfully 

The rise of our black men doing well gets me like a euphony 

Maybe that’s why I’m smiling with glee and euphrasy 

A shout-out to those with cleverness and acuity As well as those who move careful and prudently 

I’m in tears of joy because my brothers are brilliant 

Constantly showcasing their brilliance 

Aiming to make millions 

Even tons of billions 

Moving on up with liveliness and resilience 

Not giving a toss about negative opinions. 

Copyright © 2016 René Olivierre all rights reserved. Written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)