If This Is Wrong— Then I Don’t Wanna Be Right
I’m here captured by you 

Blinded by you 

Turned on by you 


For the time that I’ve been here

My thoughts and feelings for you are becoming sincere 

You always whisper sweet sexiness in my ear 

And then stick your tongue down my ear 

Calming down all fears 

Taking me back to my happy place 

Like I was back in Hertfordshire 

I am intoxicated on your presence like Belvedere

Every time I wanna cut up like shears

Most fellas would be moved to tears 

At the sight of your voluptuous rear 

Swanning around in your black sexy gear 

Getting me all revved up like an episode of Top Gear 

The way your toned legs compliments those deniers 

Keeping me happy like a new year 

Your kiss left a taste in my mouth like citrus beer

Mixed with a side of brandy 

You remind of a big-breast Mandy 

Getting me all hot and randy 

As well as all fine and dandy 

The way you slither all over me like a bandy-bandy 

Keeping me sweet like a box of candy 

I’m laughing at the thought of us being the modern Danny and Sandy

Sitting on top of the world like Ma$e and Brandy 

You’ve probably heard this before 

And I don’t want to sound like a bore 

But you ARE wild and ostentatious like a boar 

The kind of sex you gave me had me wanting more 

It was the type that should’ve been considered against the law 

You were all over me like a whore 

Getting my dick harder than a door 

Every moment we have together feels raw 

Even I felt filthy rotten to the core 

When you screamed out “I AM YOUR WHORE!”

Tugging at my beads saying “GIMME MORE” 

At that time I didn’t care about your flaws 

I was watching the way you were slithering all over the floor 

Then you were on your all-fours like a Labrador 

Entertaining me like a matador 

I’m not gonna argue or fight 

Because you’re known to literally take a bite 

If this is wrong then I don’t wanna be right 

I’ve known you to do me from day to night 

Keeping me refreshed like a bottle of Sprite 
Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


You Are Not Alone Grenfell

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I Stand With Grenfell 
In this world full of lunacy 

We need to step up with love and unity

Strengthening our community 

With our revolutionary senses and mutiny 

I come to the victims of the Grenfell fire with purity 

It’s lovely to see everyone come together so beautifully 

Whilst the members of Parliament watch on fruitlessly 

People of all races giving donations fruitfully

Not one member of Parliament has given condolence 

To those who died in the fire— our London’s broken 

The banking circles give more of a toss about their wage packets and bonus 

Hecklers are screaming out “The Tory government’s full of bogus” 

Loads of people are now homeless 

They’ve lost everything— understandably they feel hopeless 

Everything those people owned has literally gone up in smoke 

Those sad politicians are taking this shit for a joke 

It’s really hard to choke 

Back the tears for that poor bloke 

Here I am sipping my cherry coke 

Whilst those junkies are getting high off their  coke

Checking for Facebook “likes” and “pokes” 

Meanwhile I’m feeling for those who are now broke 

Penniless and destitute 

Completely blown away like an uncontrollable parachute

My tears are flowing for those who died in Grenfell Tower

Where are all those people who are supposedly in power? 

Theresa May has obviously misread the public’s anger 

Why should the public hold their anger down like an anchor? 

This isn’t a joke Theresa— I wouldn’t even consider it banter 

Well done to the angry residents for making a clangor 

Watching May’s interview exposed more than a clanger 

The carelessness is spreading rapidly like a cancer 

I bet those sorry bastards wished they voted Jeremy 

The current government is dealing with this issue terribly 

I’m glad those residents have made their voices heard 

They had the likes of May all shaken and stirred 

I made sure I heard every word 

At times like this 

They might as well bring back Douglas Hurd 

The TURD! 

Don’t let them take you for clowns 

Rise up to this madness— don’t stay down 

To all the husbands, the children and also the wives 

As well as the hundreds of the innocent people who lost their lives 

We will stand together for Grenfell Tower in community spirit 

And unite against this bullshit

Fuck the preaching from the pointless pulpit 

This uniting is for the nearest and dearest 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Don’t Cry For Me When I’m Gone (No Point in Wasting Tears) 

When that day comes for me

Don’t bother crying for me 

Not one of you gave a toss about my fears 

So there’s no point in wasting tears 

Fuck your contemplations and tears 

And fuck your celebrations and cheers 

Most of you watched me whilst I was in misery 

Too busy getting stuck up in your banks like Hilary 

Not giving a fuck about what the misery did to me 

Carrying my misery like a personal injury 

To others— my misery will always be a mystery

Trying to turn my back on this piece of history 

You better not cry 

From those cold soulless eyes 

You better not act surprised 

As my untimely death comes as no surprise 

Whenever you see me

Just continue to move on and leave me 

So please don’t love me 

Please don’t hug me 

Because it’ll bug me 

Fuck you 

And stuff you

I’ve completely had enough of you 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Miss Jackson ’93

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I Had A Crush On Janet Jackson of 1993
She was the sexiest woman in the world 

By far she was the hottest girl 

With a rarity like pearls 

As she looks sexy and teases us fellas with those curls 

She had every reason to gloat 

As she rocked every man’s boat 

I wasn’t interested in whether she could sing a note 

Or what songs she wrote 

I was set adrift and swayed afloat 

This woman was worth every banknote 

Janet Jackson of 93 definitely gets my vote 

Her presence keeps me in control like a remote 

Attractiveness is what she promotes 

And that is hard in an industry that’s cut-throat

This picture alone leaves a knot in my throat 

And I feel to scatter myself like a pot of oats 

Even myself at 5 years old I was blown away 

Telling myself that I was “grown today” 

I love the way she sexily raises her arms up 

Covering her charms up 

Fuck me man! 

Her fella at the time was a lucky man

I have to salute Rene 

For me, he scored with her like Pele 

Miss Jackson remained sexy with that deadpan expression 

Again— she gets my vote like a presidential election 

Every time I look at her I get an erection

She’s really giving my d*** a further extension 

Oh Miss Jackson of 1993 

Even to this day gets me hard like a mighty tree 

She gets me high like a piece of tiny green 

And I feel taller than tall— like about 90 feet
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

Fuck Off With That Bullshit

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You Can Fuck Off With That Bullshit
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that ALL LIVES MATTER

I’m seeing the majority of black men getting battered 

Getting battered til their blood splatters 

Bringing devastation to a family shattered 
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that we live in a fair society 

I have to sigh you see 

Because they say this same old mantra piously 

Whilst the unfortunate are still searching for propriety 
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that we’re all moving to the same rhythm 

Meanwhile my brothers are filling up prisons 

Having them caught up in their emotional prisms

Piling on more drama on them than auditions 

Systematically destroying their hopes, dreams and visions

Which affects our men, children and women
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that we can come together as one

The majority of ethnic minorities are dying one by one 

My brothers are still dying by the gun 

Some of my brothers are on the run 

Never got to say goodbye to their son 

Fuck me I’m done
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say it’s nothing personal 

When you come off all person-ill 

Making my anger rise up like a vertical 

Getting all cut up like a piece of surgical 
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that we’re all in this together 

You fuckers think you’re clever 

Trying to tickle us all like a feather 

Pricks doing nasty shit for their sheer pleasure
You can fuck off with that bullshit

When you say that us blacks should get over it

I mean mate are you taking the piss? 

Is killing our people a sign of bliss? 

Meanwhile you’re grinning teeth and not giving a shit
Copyright ©2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved

The GOD of Rock and Roll

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Oh For Chuck’s Sake (Rest in Paradise King) 
Rest in peace to the GOD of Rock and Roll 

This tribute is to the man who was always on a roll

His music touched the working class and the ones on the dole 

Mr Berry kept the world moving like Soul II Soul 

But all in all he’s undoubtedly the original 

He had everyone shaking their bones including the occipital 

But off stage he was rather friendly and hospitable 

Berry’s music made you dance— that’s explicable 

It got me out of situations like I was extricable 

This man was the absolute pinnacle 

Totally wax lyrical and easily visible 

A rock and roll legend AND a visual 

I think it’s criminal that he doesn’t get the props he deserves

It’s a cause for concern 

That Presley gets praised more than Berry— Ooooh the nerve

It’s that kind of shit that made me swerve 

Chuck Berry is a LEGEND— the hell with Elvis 

They call him King of Rock and Roll because he was swinging his pelvis? 

Mr Berry did Rock and Roll a great service 

It was his records that my family members would go and purchase 

Everybody knows that Berry’s tunes serves a purpose 

From person to person his records got served to you like a servant 

This man did well to see 90 years 

To live up to that age deserves 90 sets of cheers 

I want to change gears 

As we raise our glasses loaded with beer

Amongst our peers 

Celebrating his life story— fuck Piers 

Rest in paradise to THE Rock and Roll legend 

Let’s not waste a second 

On this drinking session 

As we commemorate the legend aforementioned 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.

I Wanna Blow Your Mind René 

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Let Me Blow Your Mind #LimaraWorld (Poem 7)
Now that we’ve wined and dined 

I want you to park your behind 

On this chair so that I can park my behind 

On you— so shut up and recline 

Right now because tonight you’re mine

May I say that together we look mighty fine 

As I’m straddling you— giving you one of those sexual grinds 

I really want to blow your mind 

And for you to blow your load 

In my humble abode 

Babe just blow your load til you explode 

Let me help you with your workload 

Let me be the woman to give you a private show 

Trust me — it’ll be hard for you to say “no”.

Simply because I say so

What I will give you is top form and flow

I wanna be the reason for your glow

Your presence to me is important

I’m signed, sealed, delivered… IMPORTED 

What I wanna do to you is so bad 

It’ll have us both deported 

Let me be the opposite of cacophonous and discordant 

Tonight I am bubbling with excitement 

Knowing that I can be your enticement

I can be your Rihanna and shine you off like a diamond 

My new sexual tricks will keep you enlightened 

My aim is to keep you sexually heightened 

Lie back and let me do all the kissing and the biting 

Keep the temperature so hot that we’ll be needing a fireman 

Ooooh I’m so excited

Tonight’s that time 

That I will aim to blow your mind 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.