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The Utopian Prince

The Prince of a Utopian Nation

I am a prince of a Utopianite society
Where people have decency, tolerance and propriety
This place is a place where we’re free from anxiety
We practise a lot of free love and sobriety
We are a movement with Christ by our side like a dynasty
Showing a lot of peace and devotion like a piety
We don’t move with malevolence and malignity
I will lead my people with correctness and propriety
Without the fear of living scared and frightfully
We have a clean reputation and notoriety
I no longer have to live privately
And I encourage the people to live without privacy
It is our duty to praise the LORD and live righteously
The LORD makes sure that we’re never in dire need
The Utopianites strive for peace and non-violence
I will continue to make sure the peace is restored like the Highlands
I will back and forth across the horizons
A prince like me would get rid of all tyrants
Our aim is to claim back our islands
In a dignified manner without the violence and the sirens
We WILL claim back our riches– including our gold, rubies and diamonds
I am the prince who carries a regal essence
Dressed all over in white with beads to adorn my presence
With my long white scarves keeping me all wrapped like Christmas presents
My aim is to welcome all rich, poor people– including pheasants
This Utopianite society will work smoothly with pleasance
As we’re constantly leaving good impressions
My role is to teach them the lessons
Stay close to my people and receive the blessings
The stacked white cups stay glued to my right hand
Exchanging handshakes from a black woman to a white man
No war and help the poor– that’s my motto
Still sipping the Irish cream in jubilance as if I’ve won the lotto
Us Utopianites are strong-minded and free-spirited
We’re relaxing in paradise without feeling inhibited
Our turf will be the best place ever visited
In terms of being an edition– we’re limited
As a prince I’ve got to stay intimate
With my Utopians making sure there’s not an incident
We’re reaching out to people like a helpless immigrant
Our thought patterns are beyond intricate
I am a proud black prince– call me Prince René
I’m simply phlegmatic not explosive like a hand grenade
I will lead the Utopianites to a life of delight
We will rejoice, smoke and take some Angel’s Delight
We will aim to get your reception like a satellite
And blow away the enemies like dynamite
This job will not be done overnight
I want to do properly without an ounce of an oversight
The Utopianites aim to see and share the light
So that we the people can help others to live right
I am the proud leader of a big Utopianite nation
We’re looking to spread the across the world like a bunch of carnations
As you already know– we’re increasing the population
Full of Utopianites to spread good words– call it a domination
We are proud to be the epitome of God’s creation
Giving time to the needy people like a donation
We’re living in moderation
Always making good out of a bad situation
Freedom within reason is ALL we want
Myself and the Utopianites are so blessed– what more could we want
Our happiness starts here and it’s looking to go beyond
Right now I’m finding it hard to respond
I am the leader of a free-loving culture
With the hearts of gold not the minds of a vulture
Our society is clean-cut and precise like a sculpture
Leaving good words in your mouth like an ulcer

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


My Conception of The Perfect Woman With The Perfect Woman's Response To My Conception

My Conception of The Perfect Woman

She’s a beauty made from God’s perfect vision
Her skin’s so smooth and nails are done to precision
The inner beauty’s warm– I would never had envisioned
A soldier and a fighter– accomplishing her mission
This woman’s so vibrant– you don’t know what you’re missing
She’s in a league of her own and has them other cats hissing
Her walk’s so sexy– she has the jealous women dissing
The type of jealousy that can cause a serious division
Her flexibility can put her in all sorts of positions
She plays tricks with guys like mad magicians
The men are harping away like jazz musicians
Still drawn to her body like fashion issues!
All eyes on her like lips and tongues kissing
Turning their heads round like a contortionist twisting
The presence of her are like diamonds when she glistens
Her vocal tone’s so seductive– all the guys can’t help but listen
She’ll have your attention like a teacher in a lesson
She’s got me thinking about her like revision
Watching her every move like See-See TeleVision
The genie in the lamp every time you start wishing
Hooked on her presence like a n old man’s fishing
Little boys in the corner with their dicks twitching
The sweat from his brow makes him want to start switching
Myself plus this beauty plus another addition
I get a high from her like an addiction
As she cuts haters off like an excision
She’s always on my mind like a decision
Her voluptuousness eradicates away the competition
Because her sexiness and her aura’s the perfect composition
That’s why guys are giving her these mad propositions
Which to me raises some odd suspicions

The Perfect Woman’s Response To My Conception

Your honeyed words have put you on a path of collision
With me and my indecision
Should I make a guy like you my mission
Or is the prospect of such things a delusion
Should I ask for such provision
Would my prayer be an intrusion
Would my needs be a perversion
Of the intended creation
It’s time for the cessation
Of my folly and frustration
Send my body for cremation
Since I died without sensation
Died without your validation.

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre and Nairobi Thompson all rights reserved.


I Want You to Ravish Me Baby

Well now that you’re mine
I’m not gonna waste any more time
As I am a woman in my sexual prime
Still keeping myself fresh like thyme
Mr Pierre-Olivierre you are mighty fine
A tribal king who woos ladies with the art of rhyme
You make me hot like summertime
As I’m aiming to go another level with some summer wine
I want to see some of yours before you see some of mine
But anyway— I want you to see, touch and feel my butter line
You and me obviously make a fine design
With a curvy body like mine— why the hell would you decline
It’s clear that I am sexually sublime
You are black and sexy defined
René I want you to rip my clothes off
And expose me the way commoners expose toffs
I want you to take me and ravish me
Go hard on me babe like the Kardashians on a lavish spree
I want you to put your thing inside of me
And make me full of beans like the women from Glee
I want you to make me feel like a dirty girl
Who deserves no diamonds, rubies or pearls
I want you to put your hands on my breasts
And I want to tear off your shirt and your tank vest
Oh babe I feel so famished
So horny and sexually famished
I wish we could take off and vanish
And live somewhere luxuriously lavish
Baby— come at me like a piece of horseradish
And ravish me in a way that’s outlandish
I need you to be the opposite of passive
As I’m serving my body to you like a plate of bacon rashes
I am asking you to make me high like a stick of hashish
No way are these feelings fabricated
As your aura keeps me fascinated
As well as sexually aggravated
But I don’t want to be beaten or flagellated
Or strangulated
I want this sexual mania to come together and to be heavily accumulated
And I will do anything to keep your dick hard and activated
I want you to keep me enthralled
And still keep your dick as hard as a baseball
Make sure that you sexually pressurize me
As well as savagely mesmerize me
Don’t even bother to summarize me
Just keep on to surprise me
Take control of me and tyrannize me
Babysit my body as well as supervise me
Oh for fuck’s sake get your rocks off
Knock my block off
Rock your cock off
Punk-rock your flock off
Until you clock off
Just as a bare essential
I want you to fuck me and make it special
As you’re bending me up like a pretzel
René— I’m asking you to ravish me until you burst a vessel

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

I'm Free Like A Bird In Heaven

Heaven Is So Beautiful

I can taste the milk and honey
All the tears from my are all runny
These emotions are making me feel funny
This is worth a lot more than money
His paradise is warm and sunny
I am looking more wooden than a dummy
These warm feelings are fuzzy
Inside and deep down I’m lucky
The angels are playing sweet music
Playing all harps and acoustics
The sound is relaxing and therapeutic
Everyone around here’s dressed in white togas and tunics
The people here are relaxed and amusing
It just feels confusing
No more should I feel the bruising
Or the emotional abusing
This place is sight-seducing
No more am I losing
My mind like a loser
Everybody’s dressed in white like a posh wedding
Silk shirts on the guys like sheets on a rich bedding
This is more peaceful than Reading
I’m in the finest garments and threading
Everybody here looks fetching
In their white robes and they’re hot stepping
Away from their troubles and forgetting
About their lives that were downtrodden and upsetting
All the women are looking crisp in their white linen
I thank God for all types of women
They’re looked glamorous wrapped like a ribbon
Looking bright as if the sun had risen
This place is like a dream and a vision
Not one person here is a malevolent villain
Nobody’s looking gloomy and grey like a pigeon
Because they’re free from the mental prison
Everybody’s glistening in diamonds and jewels
Heaven is a good place for good people NOT FOOLS
This is a place of paradise with no rules
The place where you’re no longer conditioned by schools
No more should you stay fixed like tools
Every child here is relaxing in the Jacuzzis and swimming pools
Whilst the adults make themselves cosy like hotel rooms
Let’s pop some Cristal and some gold bottles
As well as the Dom Perignon for the full throttle
The number of perfection is the number SEVEN
I’ve got to praise the LORD for accepting me into Heaven
In this place I’ve escaped the world of debt and recession
God Almighty is the epitome of succession
Because He forgives those who’ve done their crimes and admitted their confessions
And He takes away the life of suppression
He has left an everlasting impression
No more am I feeling threatened
It is a God-given privilege to be a servant of the Almighty God
Those who serve Satan are a part of the devilish squad

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

I Can Stare At Your Body For Hours

I Can Stare At Your Body For Hours

I can stare at your sexy body for hours
You always gets me randy like Austin Powers
Your hour-glass body has a lot of sex appeal
The beauty is amazing and these feelings are surreal
My heart is racing and panicking
As you stand so straight like a mannequin
With the sexiness of my ex-girlfriend Madeleine
I just want to play sweet music with you like a mandolin
You’ve got me feeling waxy like lanolin
You’d be the girl I’d wanna dabble in
As I spear into you like javelin
I’m lost for words and acronyms
This sexual arousal is beyond maddening
I Don’t know how I’m managing
My erection because it’s baffling
It’s managed to learn basic balancing
Everytime you walk my dick is travelling!
I can’t believe that this is happening
You are the exemplar of sexy fashioning
The way your body looks is dazzling
The guys are fighting and strangling
Each other for you to give them a straddling
All the other guys have resorted to babbling
I’m catching bittersweet symphonies like the verve
I feel like a million different people when watching your curves
Staring at you really tickles my nerves
You got me feeling kind of goofy like a bunch of nerds
You look finer than diamonds and pearls
A rare combination like a lion with pearls
I can stare at your body for days, months and years
You’ve got a body that could move a guy to tears
You’ve got the sexiness to convert all queers
And to keep us clean-cut like garden shears
You know that you’re the envy of all your peers
All my lads are screaming out nothing but cheers
Perverted pricks are giving you lecherous leers
Because you’ve got the rear of all rears
They think that your body is the pioneer
Of sexiness that’s matured over the years
Those leers want your body for souvenirs
Your sexy body has its own life story like Piers
Look at these horny bastards getting all fizzed up like beers
Even I’m stuck on you like Britney Spears
As my dick doesn’t seem to want to change gears
I can stare at your sexy body for hours
You always gets me randy like Austin Powers
My dick’s hitting the peak like towers
You always keep me sweet like a bed of flowers
My face has gone all white like self-raising flour
Sultriness is what you empower
Your body keeps me sweet as opposed to sour
It’s on another level like Dane Bowers
As ever— you’re keeping it fresh like a cauliflower

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Great Olivierrean & Miss Frielichova: A Poetic Tale About Sex, Romance and Togetherness”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)