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Anna Richardson— This Woman Rocks My World

Taking me back to when she presented Love Bites
I’ve never seen a woman like her take me by surprise
A 6 year-old me taking in a pretty sight
A pretty sight of that presenter
Had all of the women in the 90’s look like a damn pretender
She had my erection holding me down like I was a pensioner
This woman had me all heated to the point I checked my temperature
How could this presenter be hard to remember?
Her attractiveness had me all caught up like I was in my mum’s placenta
All the guys are going mad like they’ve got a malady or a distemper
To this day she maintains sexiness from January to December
Young men like myself would do anything to defend her
Protect her like a SAS guard or a defender
When I was a child she strummed my heartstrings like a Fender
Just her presence alone is enough to evoke and engender
Anything that she wore— she graced it with elegance and splendour
Those sexy eyes of hers always made me feel weak and tender
Her appearances on TV over the years did more than just contribute and render
Miss Richardson is definitely a credit to her gender!
She was my first TV crush
Like Jennifer Paige it was MORE than just a little crush
My hands start palpitating and my body overall gets a sudden rush
Right down to the point when my face starts to blush
Finding it hard to detangle myself like a brush
Itching away rigorously as if I’ve got thrush
She makes sneezing and coughing look sexy and lush
Watching her for too long has turned me into slush
I love the way her body graces those dresses that make her look plush
Making my body and emotions bursting to gush
Her skin always looks flawless
As ever, her body and smile is beyond gorgeous
Making me look at her looking all dumb and gormless
With that sassy sex appeal of Lucy Lawless
Got me and my boys leaking away like broken faucets
Even to this day I’m hooked on her elegance
I’m definitely hooked on her every little element
The feelings are there in my heart, soul and skeleton
Her smooth sexy face is a picture of relevance
With the soft red lips of gentleness
Every year she look good and she’s full of benevolence
Damn Anna! She’s the L’Oreal because she’s got the excellence
And I just can’t help it if I’m aroused by her eloquence
She makes today’s young women look vague and nebulous
That smile of hers is titillating and provocative
The sound of her voice is really suggestive and evocative
Just watching her and thinking about her makes me feel positive
If only I had the right and the prerogative
To touch and caress that silky head of hair
Looking into that sensuous glare
A glare that’s (usually in this day) so rare
She was and STILL IS a breath of fresh air
Thank God that I’m a man who knows his grammar
Whenever I’m commenting on this lady’s glamour
Making meticulous notes about her like a homework planner
Making me want to rejoice about her in pandemonium and clamour
I am intoxicated on her beauty— or should I say hammered?
Whoa! Please excuse my laddish manner
Every man would lay themselves out for her like a banner
Tightening their own leaks like a spanner
Oh Miss Anna Richardson— she keeps me happy in more way than a happy camper! 

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Oh How I Need You By My Side Sue

A Voluptuous Sue Standing By My Side

I look at this woman standing by my side
Smiling at me after she cried
I thought a part of me died
A part of me deep inside
She uplifts my pride
With her presence known as “Sexy Personified”
Her body and mind’s always purified
Her alluring nature should be shown off nationwide
As well as worldwide
Her backside makes my mouth open REAL WIDE!
And I love the way she walks with the elegance of a bride
Her sensual voice keeps me bushy-tailed and bright-eyed
She is everything that I need
It’s her love that I bleed
I want her to have my seed
She gives me everything I need
We stay connected like a rosary bead
She keeps me on a high like weed
Her alluring presence is of a different breed
Damn! These feelings were hard to convey
Her love gets me through the day
We sway to all the love songs that we play
We have more solidarity than Aaron and Faye
Her love leaves me with no words to say
She has the inner beauty that I want to display
She’s the superwoman that makes sure that I’m OK
She should be the woman to convert all gays
Her legs could go on for days
With her presence she brightens up my day
I’m not trying to sound cheesy like Darren Day
In her arms is where I want to lay
I’ve got the love that I’ve been denied
From all those years I could’ve cried
With her by my side
She’s given me the extra confidence to glide
I now have that extra bit of pride
That has been trapped inside
She makes me feel good inside as well as outside
Someday I want to make her my bride
Because she is the definition of bonafide
All the time I want her by my side
Without the divide

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living Isn’t Fucking Easy”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Alicia Keys III

Alicia Keys III

Her sexy, silky voice puts my ears in a slumber
As Bart Simpson would say “Ay Carumba”
Stop reading “The Memoirs of a Geisha” please
And start listening to The Diary of Alicia Keys
Yes guys it’s Alicia Keys
The sex icon and a dick-tease
I fantasize about her being my queen
The heart of a champion with an aura so serene
She’s on a high like caffeine
With a body of a broad bean
Miss Keys is regal and elegant within her presence
Swizz Beatz must be blessed to have her essence
“Slow down babe, let me make this move”
That’s what she said when bussing a groove
Any man would be a fool if they didn’t approve
It’s those kind of guys that you need to remove
To think that this was a dream- I couldn’t believe it
Not a chance in Hell am I gonna achieve it
She is sexy, alluring and so damn attractive
Got all these hot-blooded guys all hyperactive
She is every inch a black queen and a goddess
Every man grows more of a fondness
Towards the Grammy-award winning songstress
Please excuse me for being nonplussed
Her music releases my emotional distress
These feelings I try to repress
About her and her sexiness
I don’t expect her to acquiesce
Nor do I expect her to care if I regress
Her aura and essence must be blessed

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry- The HeART of a Conscious Poet”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Ladies & Gentlemen... It's LADY ROZALYNE!

Oh WOW! It’s Rozalyne

This woman grooves my mind
With her skin as smooth as pine
Back in primary school when she was mine
When I thought to myself that she was damn fine
Even today she looks damn fine
Maturing like fine wine
Swanning around with elegance and sublime
Keeping me dead silent like a mime
With her black dress hugging her tight around her spine
This lady is beyond divine
The epitome of a fine African design
What man in this world would give her a decline?
Her attractiveness is hard to define
Loads of men worship her like a shrine
Getting all charged up like alkaline
Wanting to chew on her body like bacon rind
Fantasising about her behind
Horny boys getting spiked up like porcupines
Tossing away in their Calvin Kleins
Letting out a range of sighs
And loads of loud cries
Getting off on it like a high
This woman is sweeter than grapevines
She’d be the type of lady to wine and dine
Her elegance is beyond the perfect align
I would do anything that she assigned!
The girls are going red like a glass of wine
As they jealously continue to bitch and whine
Certain women want to overstep the line
By doing such opprobrious things such as malign
This woman looks more than magnificent
And no— it’s not coincident
She keeps men on their feet like a bunch of militants
Only an idiot would say something discriminant
Her presence keeps me up like a stimulant
Horny men and her feelings become legitimate
An edition of this kind of woman is limited
This lady is high-spirited
The way she speaks is articulate
She is the total opposite of disrespectful and insolent
A strong-minded woman who’s nowhere near dumb and ambivalent
Keeps her fine self documented like a certificate
Oh my damn days— SHE IS SO SIGNIFICANT
To modern black women like business entities and syndicates
This elegant black woman is mind-blowing
Our black men waste no time in throwing
Compliments at her as well as showing
Their gratification towards her to keep her glowing
Most of the cheers and wolf-whistles were becoming like overthrowing
The flattery that this lady was getting was truly overflowing
I’m surprised that this woman manages to keep herself easy-going!
Perverted pricks want to interweave into her like sewing
She dusts them off to one side and tells them to keep on going
As she keeps on going
Like a Russian’s winter when it’s snowing
She looks at John, Peter and Steve all roaming
With their gormless faces still foaming
Her body looks so good in fine garments and tight clothing
It’s no wonder the lads are gazing away as well as floating
Getting tangled up like goatskin
Arse-clown men are running around and boasting
When they should be gone and ghosting
Talking about how they would give her a good roasting
Every man feels blessed to be in her inhabitance
The total antithesis of tragic and calamitous
You could never call this women ravenous
Look at her now— she is FABULOUS!
She is sweet like a bottle of Sanatogen
And she is full of thankfulness
She keeps things real like a hundred
She will be a good wife to the lucky husband
She goes by the name Rozalyne
With the blackness of Little Miss Jocelyn
This woman is so sweet and pure
The type that decent men would go for

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Queen Cleopatra VII


Women come and go like money in your pocket
But the woman that I know stays close to me like a locket
Her conversation are so deep that it makes you wonder
The sexy little voice that puts your body in a slumber
Caressing my facial hair, my ears and my lips
I love the way she stands and sways her hips
Serenading me sweet nothings in my ear
Her words are so sweet that they become sincere
Her lips are so sweet and pure when we kiss
Her tongue’s the sexual emblem of romantic bliss
The love that she delivers is just hard to resist
I’m so in love with her— this adventure continues to persist
It’s all sensual— there’s no need to take the piss
Because the love that we have is deeper than an abyss
This is a woman of power and supremacy
She oozes control, dominance and ascendancy
Her eyes are so dark that you could easily get lost
Skin so smooth that it reminds me of moss
Her breath’s so warm that it puts you at ease
As she nibbles my nipple during a sexual tease
She is an emblem of sexiness, power and elegance
I love listening to her because she’s full of eloquence
She is the total opposite of spitefulness and pestilence
I gotta say she is the exemplar of sexual excellence
Aroused by her presence I can’t control myself
This feels surreal— I’ve got to get a hold of myself
She goes by the name of CLEOPATRA
This poem should’ve been called Cleo’s Mantra!

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)