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Oh Limara— You Are Such A Beautiful Woman

Damn you Miss Limara
Your presence had me bowled over like the cricketer Brian Lara
A woman like you had me all hard like body armour
The Mount Grace days of when life was much calmer
Seeing you kept me and my batteries up like a charger
I would have signed away my life to you like a treaty or a charter
We could have been something that’s bigger and larger
I was secretly attracted to you like gold diggers to gold and fools to a snake charmer
Most roadmen wished they could plant a field of you like a farmer
Wishing that they could keep you wrapped up warm like a parka
As well as wanting to be the modern day Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker
Limara you are the type of woman most people would cry for
You have the body and presence most women would die for
Wow woman! We could have been the perfect dream team
Back in the days of the Grace when I wanted to taste you like ice-cream
Your sassiness made all my brothers and I scream
You never failed to gleam
Everything about you just beamed
You’re so hot to the point that I wanted to blow my steam
As an extraordinary woman— you were EVERY black man’s dream
I was on the verge of bursting at every seam
All the boys at school were totally whipped by you as if they were whipped cream
I had admired you always for your high self-esteem
Your sultriness was understated as opposed to being totally extreme
Looking at you now— you’ve still got the modern-day regal presence of a queen
I feel like a fool for not asking you if I could be your king
To me, you were more than a great deal like a ream
It hit me proper that we had grown away
Even at a point when your smiles had me blown away
You were a rarity to me— a black woman who’s good looking and nice
Me being a fool was running like a few headless chickens and mice
Reminiscing about you whilst I was tucking into my peas and rice
Going all cold and numb like I’ve just showered myself in ice
Now I’m sitting here like a flipping slice
Thinking to myself; “Wow damn Limara! You were and STILL ARE a woman of spice!”
We could have been the road version of J.Lo and P. Diddy
Looking at your picture makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and giddy
Giggling to myself foolishly like a little kiddy
I wish I could just wrap myself around you like a middy
I’ll be the first to admit that I was a total fool
Because I didn’t have the bottle to ask you out at school
And furthermore— I was too busy trying to look cool
When in the end I looked and felt like a complete tool
You always reminded me of a Nubian beauty
The type of woman with a nice smile, body and booty
I always saw you as a cutie
A total antithesis to those girls who were beyond kooky
Right now I’m sitting here thinking about what could have been
A potential night of surreal bliss with your skin against my skin
All of those hopes and dreams have now been dashed in the bin
Thinking about you has sent me into a whirlwind spin
Feeling the sharpness of reality like a pin
Definitely a cut above the average Lynne
We really could’ve been the black version of Chris and Gwyn
Whatever happens from now I just wanna tell you this
I want to wish your life is forever in a state of unreal bliss
And that it stays sweet like the chocolates from Swiss
Don’t ever let people take the piss 
Miss Limara… Let me at least send you a kiss

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “JUICED”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


Love Has No Colour

Inter-Racial Relationships

Different backgrounds and different races
There’s seriously no need for clown-arse racists
Whether you’re black, white, Chinese or Indonesian
Interracial relationships are as beautiful as the patterns from Polynesia
It can be blacks and whites as well as Chinese and Japanese
The love should remain sweet like the language of the Javanese
Some people say “Don’t knock it until you try it”
Everybody has the urge to have one but they try to fight it
Race, religion and spiritual ideologies shouldn’t matter
It’s all about the making a connection before your views scatter
I’ve had relationships with blacks, whites and Indians
As well as Mexicans, Spanish, Italians and Chileans
I’ve had a few romances with a few Turkish Cypriots
If you don’t try interracial- you’ll be just a bunch of flailing idiots
Fuck the whole “Stick to your own race” malarkey
I’ve had a sexual relationship with a beautiful Somali
It was a jungle adventure- you could call it a safari
But that relationship was highly seasoned like pastrami
The point that I’m making is that we’re no different from each other
I can honestly say that blacks and whites CAN become lovers
It doesn’t matter what those clown-arse racists think
Just make sure that your feelings are together in sync

Copyright © 2010, 2011 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the books “Artistry- The HeART of a Conscious Poet” and “From Me To You”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Oh NINA!!!

Nina— She Keeps Me Sweet

Her love for me is excessive
I love the way that she’s expressive
It can be seen as borderline possessive
She’s all hands-on like she’s obsessive
No more am I feeling depressive
She makes me feel calm as opposed to being oppressive
A woman like her— she is never regressive
She’s a revolutionary with potential to be progressive
And she doesn’t cover up like a suppressive
She’s not straining like a repressive
All the time she’s running up and down my chest
And she exposes her big breasts
Oh my days she’s blessed
She is trying to rip off my vest
Wanting me to get undressed
As she emerges like Ursula Andress
Her presence is beyond surreal
When she’s copping a feel
She entertains me like a showreel
This woman is the real deal
I’m feeling like Ian Beale
She’s as strong as steel
It’s my heart and mind she wants to steal
This whole experience is unreal
As my head is spinning like a wheel
It’s her clothes that I want to peel
A woman like her is considered ideal
There’s something that she’s dying to reveal
As she’s keeping me like a captive in an ordeal
She continues to hush my lips like a seal
Giving me a kiss from a rose like Seal
Her hands were made to heal
My sexual thoughts were hard to conceal

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

Oh How I Need You By My Side Sue

A Voluptuous Sue Standing By My Side

I look at this woman standing by my side
Smiling at me after she cried
I thought a part of me died
A part of me deep inside
She uplifts my pride
With her presence known as “Sexy Personified”
Her body and mind’s always purified
Her alluring nature should be shown off nationwide
As well as worldwide
Her backside makes my mouth open REAL WIDE!
And I love the way she walks with the elegance of a bride
Her sensual voice keeps me bushy-tailed and bright-eyed
She is everything that I need
It’s her love that I bleed
I want her to have my seed
She gives me everything I need
We stay connected like a rosary bead
She keeps me on a high like weed
Her alluring presence is of a different breed
Damn! These feelings were hard to convey
Her love gets me through the day
We sway to all the love songs that we play
We have more solidarity than Aaron and Faye
Her love leaves me with no words to say
She has the inner beauty that I want to display
She’s the superwoman that makes sure that I’m OK
She should be the woman to convert all gays
Her legs could go on for days
With her presence she brightens up my day
I’m not trying to sound cheesy like Darren Day
In her arms is where I want to lay
I’ve got the love that I’ve been denied
From all those years I could’ve cried
With her by my side
She’s given me the extra confidence to glide
I now have that extra bit of pride
That has been trapped inside
She makes me feel good inside as well as outside
Someday I want to make her my bride
Because she is the definition of bonafide
All the time I want her by my side
Without the divide

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living Isn’t Fucking Easy”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)

My Conception of The Perfect Woman With The Perfect Woman's Response To My Conception

My Conception of The Perfect Woman

She’s a beauty made from God’s perfect vision
Her skin’s so smooth and nails are done to precision
The inner beauty’s warm– I would never had envisioned
A soldier and a fighter– accomplishing her mission
This woman’s so vibrant– you don’t know what you’re missing
She’s in a league of her own and has them other cats hissing
Her walk’s so sexy– she has the jealous women dissing
The type of jealousy that can cause a serious division
Her flexibility can put her in all sorts of positions
She plays tricks with guys like mad magicians
The men are harping away like jazz musicians
Still drawn to her body like fashion issues!
All eyes on her like lips and tongues kissing
Turning their heads round like a contortionist twisting
The presence of her are like diamonds when she glistens
Her vocal tone’s so seductive– all the guys can’t help but listen
She’ll have your attention like a teacher in a lesson
She’s got me thinking about her like revision
Watching her every move like See-See TeleVision
The genie in the lamp every time you start wishing
Hooked on her presence like a n old man’s fishing
Little boys in the corner with their dicks twitching
The sweat from his brow makes him want to start switching
Myself plus this beauty plus another addition
I get a high from her like an addiction
As she cuts haters off like an excision
She’s always on my mind like a decision
Her voluptuousness eradicates away the competition
Because her sexiness and her aura’s the perfect composition
That’s why guys are giving her these mad propositions
Which to me raises some odd suspicions

The Perfect Woman’s Response To My Conception

Your honeyed words have put you on a path of collision
With me and my indecision
Should I make a guy like you my mission
Or is the prospect of such things a delusion
Should I ask for such provision
Would my prayer be an intrusion
Would my needs be a perversion
Of the intended creation
It’s time for the cessation
Of my folly and frustration
Send my body for cremation
Since I died without sensation
Died without your validation.

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre and Nairobi Thompson all rights reserved.

I Feel Used And Abused...

I Feel Like every Woman’s Shagging Doll

Why can’t a woman love me for my mind?
Instead of them thinking that I want to tap their behind
These women must think I’m only intertwined
With the thoughts of sex instead of a relationship that’s so sublime
Ladies— I am a gentleman who is really jovial and kind
But it’s not every woman that I would love to have a bump and grind
I am more interested in the women that are spiritually inclined
As well as telling me the art of womankind
Every woman that I’ve been involved with recently
Has given me some weird proposals indecently
One woman tried to sweet me up with a bottle of Beck’s
In exchange for some fast love and slow-and-deep sex
She said that she was into me for my sexual prowess
This woman was all upon my sexual tools and endowments
The way she tears off her blouse it’s
Amazing on how she does this on a countless
That woman was trying to mess me up like public houses
And then has the nerve to act all upper class like a countess
A Russian blonde supermodel
Who spoke a lot of bullshit and twaddle
Wanted a bit more from me than just a doddle
And a kiss and a cuddle
Trying to splash my jeans like a puddle
As she’s stroking my stubble
Which leaves my mind in a muddle
And in her case it leaves me in a total fuddle
Especially as she’s trying to muster me and huddle
She keeps telling me that we could be the perfect couple
Living in our own perfect bubble
Which could mean a little bit of trouble
This woman wanted my soldier to work in her tunnel
She kept begging to use my dick like a shovel
And to keep digging her until I sprain a muscle
She couldn’t care less about being subtle
As she’s making more noise than a hyena in the jungle
Getting on top of me like a clothes bundle
Telling me that I’m tastier than a chocolate truffle
Wanting me to put the cream on her like an Espresso double
Doing more than just the cute fumble
My experience with a Jamaican woman
Was as horny as the Russian woman
She kept calling me Mr. British
And kept telling me that she’s better than my previous bitches
Which had me in stitches
As she demanded that I mess with her fringes
She wanted me as a shagging buddy
That way— this experience to her would be lovely
Right now I feel used and abused
As well as emotionally bruised and misused
I feel famished like a boy who’s been starved of food
I am more than just a shagging partner!
One day I would love to be a great father
I want to settle down with a woman for a long-term commitment
I need this woman’s love to be consistent
To bless us both like an enrichment
She needs to have the right emotional equipment
And not just woman who wants to be my sexual assistant
I want the kind of love that is more than sufficient

Copyright © 2012, 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


You’re Not Going Anywhere René

I am your captor and your prison guard
And my aim was to treat you like a piece of card
I wanted to leave you beaten up and scarred
As well as eaten up and marred
All marked up and charred
Like pieces of wood from the lumberyard
I wanted to stretch you out like a leotard
And watch your every move like a bodyguard
But there’s something melodic about you like a harp
Which makes me feel at large
I am tempted to barge
Your arse as well as to charge
At your malnourished body like a drunken tart
And wrestle you to the ground like Owen Hart
And kiss all over your heart
For you— I’m too smart
You wouldn’t know where to start
You’re with me now and there’s no way we’re gonna depart
It would be a shame to drift apart
And cause a piercing pain so sharp
I want to take charge
Of your battery and recharge
I didn’t want to cap you
In your arse and then trap you
Torture you and slap you
And laugh as I aimed to snap you
But for some strange reason— I’ve developed some strong feelings
And emotions for you— hence why I’m laid bare and revealing
Not killing the mood as if I was repealing
If only you were there to hear me squealing
In excitement as I’d hit my head off the ceiling
You and I could make the perfect sealing
As I find your slim and emaciated body appealing
Still— it needs more toughening and annealing
I will have you cartwheeling
In sexual euphoria as I’m dealing
With you and your clothes as I’m peeling
Your smooth black hands are made for healing
So please rest them on my hips
When I kiss your lips
And caress your fingertips
Looking tasty like chocolate chips
René you are not going anywhere
I’m going to be with you everywhere
Like a song from Fleetwood Mac
As I’ve got your back
Giving you more heat than Shaq
When I’m keeping you stacked
As I’m keeping a grip on your sack
You’re my Black Jack
That keeps me entertained like Jack Black
As we’re shacked up in this shack
I’m going to stick onto you like Blu Tack
When I’m burying your face in my rack
I’m craving for you in the same way I would crave for a snack
As your hands are running up and down my back
I’m feeling sexually carnal
For a tribal king like yourself because you’re artful
I can be imperfect and partial
Because I talk a lot of garble
I just want to protect and serve you like a marshal
Without being dangerous or harmful
From day time to night time

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)