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All The Guys Think She's an Empress!

Chloe White— The Girl Who Thinks She’s an Empress

She struts around in a mini black dress
Swanning around like an empress
Her body never fails to impress
As she works hard like a bench-press
The type of girl that’s on your head like a head-dress
She is the type to carry baggage like an excess
Trying to be an intellect like the Daily Express
All the boys think she’s a temptress
As she continues to carry on relentless
Trying to keep up with the Jetsons
Wastemen follow her exits
Trying to catch a glimpse of her best bits
This girl comes off as a bit of a tart
Oh my days where do I start?
Can I say on one part
That she might have a good heart
But in terms of promiscuity she tops the chart
Shooting to the bull’s-eye like a dart
Riding off on her own charms like a cart
Staying stacked-up like Wal-Mart
Going hard like a go-kart
When it comes to men she fails to depart
Using her charms to bombard
Horny men to go hard
Making most boys stand tall like a bodyguard
Swanning around like a whore from Sunset Boulevard
As she displays her legs like a piece of art
She uses men and leaves them like a spare part
Surprisingly— she is extremely smart
I suppose she serves up a dish like a Carte
She considers her breasts to be the epitome of beauty
Like Five Alive— she goes all fruity
As she shows off that booty
That is why REAL men appear snooty
Certain man dem look sooty
She believes that it’s a duty
For all tarts like her to act loopy
She is as white as Snoopy
She is incredibly loopy
I’d say she is entertaining like a movie
Her presence doesn’t move me
She’s probably into orgies and groupies
Bubbling away in a massive Jacuzzi
This girl’s not your average Lucy
As her drunken antics make her look loosely
And besides— she’s so hormonal and moody
Her face always appears red like a ruby
Which to me looks kind of spooky
On the whole— her figure looks juicy
But she’s looking for her Richard so that she could play Judy
Is it me or does her boobs look saggy and droopy?
All I know is that this girl is erratically kooky
Particularly on the dancefloor when she’s having a boogie
But on the other hand— well and truly
She reminds of this saucy tart named Trudy
The pair of them are sincerely unique