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The Utopian Prince

The Prince of a Utopian Nation

I am a prince of a Utopianite society
Where people have decency, tolerance and propriety
This place is a place where we’re free from anxiety
We practise a lot of free love and sobriety
We are a movement with Christ by our side like a dynasty
Showing a lot of peace and devotion like a piety
We don’t move with malevolence and malignity
I will lead my people with correctness and propriety
Without the fear of living scared and frightfully
We have a clean reputation and notoriety
I no longer have to live privately
And I encourage the people to live without privacy
It is our duty to praise the LORD and live righteously
The LORD makes sure that we’re never in dire need
The Utopianites strive for peace and non-violence
I will continue to make sure the peace is restored like the Highlands
I will back and forth across the horizons
A prince like me would get rid of all tyrants
Our aim is to claim back our islands
In a dignified manner without the violence and the sirens
We WILL claim back our riches– including our gold, rubies and diamonds
I am the prince who carries a regal essence
Dressed all over in white with beads to adorn my presence
With my long white scarves keeping me all wrapped like Christmas presents
My aim is to welcome all rich, poor people– including pheasants
This Utopianite society will work smoothly with pleasance
As we’re constantly leaving good impressions
My role is to teach them the lessons
Stay close to my people and receive the blessings
The stacked white cups stay glued to my right hand
Exchanging handshakes from a black woman to a white man
No war and help the poor– that’s my motto
Still sipping the Irish cream in jubilance as if I’ve won the lotto
Us Utopianites are strong-minded and free-spirited
We’re relaxing in paradise without feeling inhibited
Our turf will be the best place ever visited
In terms of being an edition– we’re limited
As a prince I’ve got to stay intimate
With my Utopians making sure there’s not an incident
We’re reaching out to people like a helpless immigrant
Our thought patterns are beyond intricate
I am a proud black prince– call me Prince René
I’m simply phlegmatic not explosive like a hand grenade
I will lead the Utopianites to a life of delight
We will rejoice, smoke and take some Angel’s Delight
We will aim to get your reception like a satellite
And blow away the enemies like dynamite
This job will not be done overnight
I want to do properly without an ounce of an oversight
The Utopianites aim to see and share the light
So that we the people can help others to live right
I am the proud leader of a big Utopianite nation
We’re looking to spread the across the world like a bunch of carnations
As you already know– we’re increasing the population
Full of Utopianites to spread good words– call it a domination
We are proud to be the epitome of God’s creation
Giving time to the needy people like a donation
We’re living in moderation
Always making good out of a bad situation
Freedom within reason is ALL we want
Myself and the Utopianites are so blessed– what more could we want
Our happiness starts here and it’s looking to go beyond
Right now I’m finding it hard to respond
I am the leader of a free-loving culture
With the hearts of gold not the minds of a vulture
Our society is clean-cut and precise like a sculpture
Leaving good words in your mouth like an ulcer

Copyright © 2010 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “Artistry—The HeART of a Conscious Poet”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


The Rich vs The Poor

Rich vs. Poor


When certain people become rich
They look at their loved ones and ditch
Them to ones side like an evil witch
Going barking mad like a bitch
Screaming with excitement and a high pitch
As they’re loaded with lavish gifts
People are going green with envy like a football pitch
Moving snaky like a snitch
Rich people don’t care about the who, the where and the which
Their aim is to weave in and out like a stitch
Making more money stings and tingles them like an itch
Without having a glitch
People spend their entire lives living extravagant
Which can lead them into financial entanglement
Some rich people appear to be compassionate
Because they taint themselves with materialism like a contaminant
Money will always be the catalyst
To most arguments— indoctrinated by Calvinists
The rich tosspots are over-the-top exuberant
Not giving a toss about the Christian Eucharist
Every rich man’s aim is to be more than prosperous
They would do things which would be seen as preposterous
The toffs would still continue to give intolerance
As they mix with each other like true conglomerates
Chatting away with each other in their conference
Trying not to butt heads like a rhinoceros
They live a life that’s repetitive and ponderous
With their false laughs sounding loud and sonorous
Lunching with other rich gits with food that looks opulent
Dissing the poor people and council-housed occupants
I find most rich people arrogant and offensive
When they swan around in lavish gear that’s expensive


My heart goes out to the poor
They’re the ones who need the money more
I hear people struggling on a lone shore
No drink and food for them because their throats are so sore
I can understand why people loot from the store
Because the work they do feels more like a chore
I want to be in a position to help more
On the count of 1 to 4
Do everything that God Almighty asks me for
In order to help the poor
This might sound like a bore
But the impatience of the situation turns me wild like a boar
To help the underprivileged and the poor
We ALL need to chip in a bit more
Let’s spend less time idolizing the likes of Demi Moore
And become more charitable and loving like Alesia Mor
We don’t want to turn this into some sort of cold war
Catching them off-guard like a cold sore
We need to look at their circumstances not ignore and deplore
Our Father has some blessing to pour
We need to make our charitable mark like a paw
There goes that whore
Strutting around in a torn-up dress that she wore
We need to kick down the door
With a great galore
Help the poor
It’s these kind of people that I adore
So much to the core

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E.— Living In Faith Everyday”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)