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Take Control Of Body René

Take Control of My Body Please

I want you to get all hands on
Use your dick and stuff me like a tampon
I want every little bit of you
Every day and night for just us two
I want your tongue inside my mouth
As your smooth black hands are running down my south
I am a woman with the biggest need for sexual attention
Remember when we were fucking to Maxwell’s “Ascension”?
We were both filled up with sexual rage and tension
Our own sexual antics caused controversy and contention
There’s a lot of things about us I’d like to mention
I want to have my clothes ripped off like you’re ripping my extensions
In the bedroom is where we break all sexual conventions
But I will keep you here with me in custody like a retention
I can assure you that there will be no objections
We may have conflicts of opinion like a dissension
And we’ll have none of this patronizing behaviour like a condescension
I want to tackle every dimension
Of your body as well as to give you protection
I want you to understand me like a lesson of comprehension
I hope that you can cherish my body like all your prized possessions
Your hands touching every little section
Of my body with no pretensions
Babe let’s just fuck each other with no corrections
I’m aiming to take possession of your erection
I want you to inject your sexiness into me like an injection
You have to make me feel tasty like a watermelon
And get tough with my body like a pair of tough denim
Although I confuse myself and get emotional
When it comes to sex— I really do get devotional
With you René I’m the only person you should be sociable to
I discard all those men who are nothing to me but disposables
As I find your aura calm, sexy and approachable
And I also find you negotiable
I want you to check into me like a chain of Argos superstores
As we’re going on a high on this sexual intercourse
I want us to go at it without a pause
Ride me harder than a champion thoroughbred horse
We’re gonna stay together unlike a divorce
I just want to munch on your neck like a carnivore
And to keep you hard like the texture of dinosaurs
We could be having it off indoors or outdoors
Or we could be acting like all saints on pure shores
Like rabbits— I want us to get sexually rampant
Keep this hypersexual feeling going on a tangent
As we are sexing until the sheets are dampened
My sexual feeling s for you René are heavily heightened and plangent
I am addicted and obsessed with your presence because it’s glowingly lambent
Please don’t stop until you’ve kissed every part and fragment
Of my curvaceous and well-proportioned frame
I can’t help my but scream your frigging name
As I’m pulling and tugging on your mane
Going out of my fucking brain
René I need you to be my master in order to keep me tamed
And just please take control
Of my body like a PS3 games console
Just PLEASE keep me heated like a stewed beef casserole!

Copyright © 2013 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “A Beautiful Intoxication: Poetic Accounts of Seduction, Power, Sexual Desires & Craves As Well As Deep Addictive Attraction To One Another”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)