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Going Through The Darkness To See The Light

Light vs. Dark


There’s something so right
When you’re walking in the light
Shining like a star that’s so bright
Taking off like a kite
Feeling lighter than a packet of Walker’s Lite
As I kick off like the footie legend Ian Wright
With these rhymes that I write
Keeping myself right
And straightforward as well as upright
I would like to be the light
That people can see during the night
Whenever I decide to take flight
Without giving anyone a fright
Turning people’s faces white
Like they’ve seen a ghost from the Isle of Wight
This bright beam of light is so bright
That it reminds me of a flashlight
I feel like a knight
Riding into the night
Much to my haters delight
And their spite or despite
As they’re sipping on Sprite
This bright light
Keeps me on top like a height
Holding me together like a building site
Trying my best to look like a pretty sight


I’m sitting in the park
In the dark
Having a lark
With my mate Mark
Taking the piss as he leaves his mark
We’re strolling through the streets like Superman Clark
Terrorizing car parks
Rooting around like aardvarks
Making squiggly lines like stretch marks
As the day has darkened
People are becoming disheartened
As they trash people’s houses and gardens
Throwing stones at expensive apartments
Shouting A-HAAAA at people like Alan Partridge
Random nutters are trailing off the department
Whenever they see red like scarlet
Staggering around like zombies and piss-artists
These dark-minded clowns are coming through like bombardments
Keeping safe with each other like compartments
Getting tighter than undergarments
I find this whole situation rather alarming
As I’m walking through the darkness
Facing up to the hardness
Holding me off the floor like a harness
In the worst kind of harshness
Watching these zombie-like idiots try their hardest
To pin their nastiness down to the ground like carpets
Behaving like they’re brainless and retarded
As well as black-hearted
And how this all started
Was due to the skyfall of darkness
The terror of these brutes has sharpened
Which now has me at times startled

Copyright © 2012 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “L.I.F.E. —Living In Faith Everyday”); written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)