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Don’t Cry For Me When I’m Gone (No Point in Wasting Tears) 

When that day comes for me

Don’t bother crying for me 

Not one of you gave a toss about my fears 

So there’s no point in wasting tears 

Fuck your contemplations and tears 

And fuck your celebrations and cheers 

Most of you watched me whilst I was in misery 

Too busy getting stuck up in your banks like Hilary 

Not giving a fuck about what the misery did to me 

Carrying my misery like a personal injury 

To others— my misery will always be a mystery

Trying to turn my back on this piece of history 

You better not cry 

From those cold soulless eyes 

You better not act surprised 

As my untimely death comes as no surprise 

Whenever you see me

Just continue to move on and leave me 

So please don’t love me 

Please don’t hug me 

Because it’ll bug me 

Fuck you 

And stuff you

I’ve completely had enough of you 
Copyright © 2017 René Olivierre all rights reserved.