Baby I’m Sorry… Please Give Me Another Chance

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


Baby Don’t Leave Me— We Need To Talk 

I know that my face alone fills you up with disgust
But there are some issues that we need to discuss
Issues that we haven’t touched on or discussed
I don’t blame you for the fact that you have a lot of mistrust
In me to the point that you really do have suspicions and distrust
The fact is that I’m still crazy about you and it’s just
Tearing me up that we’re treating each other like strangers
The way you’re walking away from me as if I pose a real sense of danger
Deep down you want to kick my arse like a bloody power ranger
I feel like a right shit like a bunch of horses in a manger
Or like a pig being dealt with in a farm by a stern granger
There was no excuse for my cheating behaviour
I know what I did to you was major
But not the extent of what Edwina Currie did with John Major
Honey I want to go back to being your lover and your entertainer
Your knight in shining armour and your saviour
I’m gonna be as annoying as the sound on your pager
Babe I know that I’ve screwed up and scrunched it up like a piece of paper
Just please give me a date, a time and we can arrange a
Venue where we can melt this block of ice and a glacier
I just want to meet up and talk to you in a calm nature
All of this nonsense just feel like a right strainer
But please don’t break me off like a biscuit or a wafer
I know whatever I’m gonna say won’t erode away the pain
And it’ll probably eat you up and drive you insane
But please let me have the chance to explain
And if you still want to pop off at me like a bottle of champagne
Then I’ll get the point and I’ll end this ‘Trying to win you back’ campaign
What me and that woman was a total mistake
I know that you’re thinking that I’m having a piss-take
With what I’m saying sounding more whiffy than a fish-cake
Leaving you feeling unsettled and displaced
Knowing that the man you loved is a total disgrace
Me and that woman were just caught up in the moment
She offered it to me like a piece of cheese to a snivelling rodent
At that time caught up— all of my senses were stolen
From the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry that your heart is broken
Every element and component
Of my body is telling you that I’m open
To you— waiting until you have spoken 
At the time we were fucking
I knew that deep down that she meant nothing
You are the real deal whereas she’s a right puffin
All that time when she was panting and huffing and puffing 
I kept telling myself that night that she meant absolutely nothing
Baby boo it’s you that has my ultimate attention and loving
It’s your sexiness that keeps my blood rushing
As a grown dumbass man— you DO keep me blushing
For the record here I am NOT bluffing
The emotions and the sentiments are real when I’m giving you a right stuffing!
It’s your love that keeps heated like a New World Oven
Baby please— without you I am totally a piece of nothing
What you and I have here is well and truly something
Please don’t chuck away what we have over some fling
My queen— I sincerely apologize 
The undying love I have for you is too hard to monopolize
When I’m with you I feel adjusted and homogenized
Just please think about our relationship and hypothesize
Instead of having the daggers drawn before you walk away
Let’s sit down and just talk away

Copyright © 2014 René Olivierre all rights reserved (Taken from the book “The Olivierrean Experience”) written by René Olivierre and published by The Olivierrean Experience (T.O.E.)


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